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Our strong and enduring customer relationships are based on a sound technical understanding of the products we supply and the requirements of our customers, in compliance with relevant technical and industrial standards.

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Prioritising Safety

Newbridge Metal Products Limited prioritise safety as an integral element in the design of our products, in our workshop and on-site work methods. We are 100% committed to quality and continuous improvement.


Be assured of full compliance with Health and Safety standards, B.S. and Building Regulations by contacting Newbridge Metal Products for your ladder requirements.


Fixed Vertical Steel Ladders complete with safety hoops and intermediary platforms as required, to comply with BS5395 in galvanised mild steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

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Fixed Ladders



Folding/Concertina Ladders designed and engineered for minimum maintenance and with counter-balance springs for safe and easy access in a commercial situation. Fire-rated/ with trapdoor if required.

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Folding Ladders



Bilco Ladder-UP® safety posts to make Ladder-use extra safe. Bilco patented technology, bolt-on spring-balanced safety post for safe and convenient ladder access.

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Bilco Ladder-UP®


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Safe Ladder Access

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Transport Products

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Sole Irish distributor and technical support team for VBG Drawbar Couplings and Fontaine Fifthwheel Couplings since 1980.

Access Products & AOV's

access hatchesSole Irish Distributor for the Bilco range of roof and underground access hatches and Bilco smoke ventilators since 1996.


laddersFull range of Fixed-Vertical and Folding-Type Ladders for all access solutions.